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Hi there! I'm DerpFace2227, or DepressedMiner, an ex-player of SE. I really care about the game still, and yeah. That's me. I haven't got much to say for myself, really. 

To-Do List

Get this onto a comment:

The devs don't care anymore, which is fine by me. I've already got a pretty good idea of what I'm going to do to design Stick Empires 2, and I'll try to create it. After that I'll present it to Raging Infernos, who apparently pretty much dominate SE these days. If I get it past them then the job is pretty much accomplished, and the old devs won't give two dead units about all things Stick Empires, and will just give that franchise to us. And after that, Stick Empires 2 is a reality! 

Read my blog post about my ideas here.