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The Centre Tower.

The Tower is an obelisk, gold at the bottom and grey at its tip, that appears on the center of every map.

The player who controls the tower gains 20 Gold every few seconds and has access to Tower Spawn.                                                    


Every 4 seconds, 20 Gold is given to the player who controls the tower. When you control the tower and have researched either Tower Spawn level 1 or 2 a ghostly unit will spawn. This unit will respawn from the tower 30 seconds (except a Charrog ghost which spawns less frequently due to higher health) after he dies and will continue to do so until the game has ended or the player loses tower control.

Tower Spawn

Tower spawn.png

Tower Spawn is an upgrade available to every Empire. It will spawn a ghostly unit that you cannot control that will attack the enemy directly. Ghostly units do not cost population. 

Researching Tower Spawn Level 1 requires 600 gold and 200 mana.

Researching Tower Spawn Level 2 requires 2000 gold and 1000 mana.

Spawning Units

Tower Spawn Lv1
Order Spearton
Chaos Juggerknight
Elemental Charrog
Tower Spawn Lv2
Order Enslaved Giant
Chaos Giant
Elemental Charrog (Large)


  • Tower Spawn used to spawn every 20 seconds
  • Recently the dev team has changed the colour that the tower spawned unit glows from blue to teal.
  • Tower Spawned units don't use abilities, and they can't be contolled either.
  • Giant Charrogs cannot be frozen by water (start from Patch 2.05)