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The Tornado Icon in the Elemental castle.

Tornado is an technology that can be unlocked for the Cycloid unit of the Elemental Empire. With it, they can launch a powerful whirlwind which will deal moderate damage and stun enemies.


The Tornado ravaging the battlefield.

After a Cycloid activates this ability, it will cast a small tornado AoE spell in the direction aimed. Players usually shoot it at large masses of units to take advantage of the AoE. Once the spiral connects, all opponents in the area will receive moderate damage and, like the Magikill Wall, units who stay in the Tornado will continue to lose health but the Tordano itself moves along its path and any units other than Giants will also be Stunned.

This is very helpful to catch opposing ranged units such as Albowtross or Archers as you can then follow up on the stunned units with Spell casting units or Charrogs while they are stood still. Many users buy several Cycloids and chain stun to make maximum effect and reduce the risk of missing their target, as the Cycloid Tornado is easy to miss.

The usage of Tordano is reduced heavily due to its cast time as this allows many units to retreat before the Tornado would reach and stun them so Elemental players will usually use the Tornado together with other units to enter an opponent's base so there is no space to run away from the Tornado.


Cost 200 Gold
100 Mana
Research time 30 Seconds
Unit Cycloid