• Major thanks to Jli and Rain who got most, if not all of the data listed on the pastebin. From here, the wiki is embracing it and will update it as time goes. All the testing procedures are documented, if you wish to do some tests, go ahead (especially if you have Chaos and Elementals).

    If you're here, chances are you were linked to here by one of the numerous pages that feature stats. Well here is our database of statistics. I will also answer some questions that you may be wondering.

    Most updated pastebin of stats:

    Why don't we just look into the game code and grab stats directly from there?

    This was considered, but the way the values are done is convoluted. For example (pulling real number values), how do you compare a bomber's "5" explosive damage with a swordwrath's "19" damage? Especially since that is not the case in game, as we all know.Therefore the decision was made to use relative stats from tests for comparative value.

    Why are some values bolded and some are not?

    Bolded values mean the value is verified through testing. Some values are just guesswork that will eventually be replaced with verified numbers.

    Why do we (currently) not have Chaos and Elemental stats?

    Tests haven't been done. Also keep note that these are not freemium empires. Eventually these will be documented.

    Won't tests become outdated as buffs and nerfs appear?

    Yep, they will. So I guess we'll eventually have to redo tests that involved buffed or nerfed units with the value.

    I declare this thread to be the hub of statistical information, so if you have anything to contribute, here is the place.

    Thanks, DAZ.

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