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Shinobi, known more widely by the name Stealth, is one of the two abilities of the Shadowrath unit. There are two upgrades for it.


A Shadowrath concealed by Stealth about to execute a Magikill.

Stealth, one of the trickiest abilities to use in Stick Empires (due to the positioning and timing with when to cast shinobi), is performed with grace, precision, and deadliness by Shadowrath. Once a target is selected, a Shadowrath will sprint up to the enemy and then, after being activated, will chant "Shinobi" and cloak. While cloaked, the Shadowrath becomes untargetable to the opposing army (the opposing player can still see it but no units will be able to attack it aside from AoE cast by the player), and is able to withstand any attack or effect (timing shinobi correctly allows a ninja to negate the stun of a giant's attack) (one should note that targeted spells such as a Marrowkai reap will still affect the ninja if the spell is cast before the ninja cloaks).

While cloaked the Shadowrath slowly approaches the unit at a pace slower than all units except spell casters and giants and will then slash at the target and leave stealth. Once the Shadowrath has struck, he is 'revealed' and is once again liable to damage. Stealth can be researched a second time in the Order Barracks, upgrading the damage dealt by triple, so as to take out more expensive (and higher-health) units such as Magikill and/or Marrowkai. The Shinobi 1 upgrade is able to kill Miners and Archidons, and the shinobi 2 upgrade instantly kills Magikill. Medusa and Marrowkai units require one or two basic attacks to finish off the target, however the poison usually kills them anyway.

Scouting on the opposing army is also another useful tactic for Stealth, as a Shadowrath can infiltrate the enemy base without being targeted and attacked. Keep in mind Shadowrath cannot walk past walls while in cloaked form so are not effective counters to Magikill when the opponent is turtling or keeping Magikill behind walls.


Cost 100 Gold 100 Mana 1st time, 150 Gold 150 Mana 2nd time
Research time 30 Seconds each
Unit Shadowrath


  • Upon attacking, the Shadowrath uses his poisoned dipped sword (Shadowrath are descended from the original Swordwrath nation, according to Stick War 2 - Order Empire) instead of their staffs, inflicting Poison to the unit and dealing a great amount of damage
  • The word "Shinobi" is another term for "ninja", referencing the similarities between the Shadowrath and ninjas in terms of appearance.