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The Scorpling is a free cost harassment unit spawned by the Treature. It is usually used to harass enemy units early-mid game.  

A scorpling in the armoury


As the name suggests, the Scorplings have a similar appearance to scorpions, except they don't have claws - only legs and a tail. They are produced by the Treatures.



1 Bar Unarmoured  (9HP)

2 Bars Unarmoured (After the first Scorpling upgrade)  (18HP)

Damage Medium
Speed Medium-High

0 Mana

(Root Spell/Summon Scorplings)

Can only be spawned by a Treature

Training Time Instant
Population Zero, limit of 3 per Treature

Three Scorplings attacking a Juggerknight

Note: The Stick Empires community has no numerical information on Damage or Speed for Elemental Units, so these values are merely comparative.



This upgrade, Scorpling Poison, is the dual, single upgrade available to Scorplings. However, there are differences in how they apply to the Scorplings already produced.

200 Gold 200 Mana

  • On the first upgrade Scorpling health increases from 1 bar to 2, greatly increasing the survivability of the Scorplings.
  • However, this upgrade is not automatically applied to Scorplings that have already been produced, meaning that unrooting and re-rooting Treatures may be necessary to apply the upgrade to more Scorplings.

200 Gold 200 Mana

  • Whenever a Scorpling with this upgrade attacks an enemy, that enemy is poisoned. This upgrade is useful to make the Scorplings more effective against armoured units.
  • This applies to all Scorplings, regardless of when they have been created.


The Scorplings are a very powerful tool for harassing. They are, in effect, free units (akin to the Magikill minions in Stick War) that do not contribute to the population and are expendable. This often results in scenarios where Scorplings are used to harass or scout on the enemy base, kill as many units as possible, and after they die they can be easily replaced by new Scorplings closer to the front line.  

The main weakness of Scorplings however, is a turtle. Scorplings will have great difficult breaking an Order turtle consisting of Magikill, Speartons, and Merics. 

Scorplings can be used to tank, however because of the fact that they are unarmoured, a Charrog would work better. 


  • The Scorpions spawned by the Treature have the same death sound as Crawlers.
  •  The Scorpling upgrade used to apply both buffs in one go, this has since been split into two since the 2.01 update.
  •  Unrooting a Treature will instantly kill all of the Scorplings it has summoned. This means that while Scorplings are in use, the Treatures must always remain rooted in a single position, which does deprive the front-line of support from the Treature's Death Blossom, although the Scorplings usually account for this.