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The Scorch is an ability available to the Elemental Empire. 

The explosion from Scorch being used in the center of a group of Miners by the enemy castle.


By combining Fire and Water you get a Scorch. This combination is free. However, upon combination, the unit will detonate in a steam explosion, inflicting massive area-of-effect damage and Stun to all units caught in the blast, as well as knocking them away from the explosion. 


Health N/A
Damage 2 bars Unarmoured
Speed N/A

800 Gold 0 Mana

(Fire Water )

Training Time Instant
Population 0

Numerical data does not exist for the Elementals.



The massive stun and area-of-effect damage can make Scorch a very powerful attack that can be aimed at tight clusters of enemies to disable them all for a period of time. Although, it is fairly costly attack, which should be considered, as the Cycloid has a spell which can accomplish similar without being a kamikaze attack. A scorch attack that does not deal at least 800 gold's worth of damage to the enemy is often not a worthy trade, so should be used very sparingly unless you can afford uneven economy trades. It should also be noted that buying the water and fire units to create a scorch attack uses up two of your build queues, unlike bombers that only use the one (melee).

The water unit will naturally run faster and end up in front, so the Scorch may often need continual pulling back to prevent sniping. Often the water will combine when ahead of the target with the fire unit behind to hit the target, as having the fire unit in front or identical pacing will mean a slower setup and allow the opponent more time to snipe down one of the two units.

Pre opponent miner upgrade this attack can be used to wipe out most or all of the opponents miners, securing victory. The fire and water unit can also be held into a position next to the enemy's castle to deny their miners leaving garrison via the same instakill threat.


  • This is the most effective way to stop massing in end game by Order and Chaos when Speartons, Juggerknights or shadowrath run past your troops and attack your statue directly. Use of 2 scorch blasts will mostly do enough damage to either kill them instantly or allow you to cleanly finish them off.
  • When scorch is activated, it makes a 'sploosh' sound, instead of a traditional explosion sound.