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The Reaper Icon

Reaper is one of the two abilities for the Marrowkai unit.


A Reaper from Hell is summoned to do the Marrowkai's bidding.

Upon casting the spell, a Marrowkai will chant a summon and slam his staff into the ground. This calls upon the Reaper, a ghastly spirit from the underworld, cloaked in a dark hood and armed with a scythe. The Reaper travels through the battlefield unaffected by anything and takes control of an enemy unit's brain, causing him to walk forward and be vulnerable to attacks. A skull and scythe icon appears over the head of the affected unit when they are "reaped".

Reaper is convenient for taking out high-cost units such as Infernos or a Magikill.

It is impossible to dodge the reap spell once targeted, even if a nijna is changed to stealth, however Speartons can disable their own mobility via going into Shield mode (in early patches this did not work) to avoid the reaping part of the spell, though they will still be affected by the damage


Cost 100 Gold 100 Mana
Research time 60 Seconds
Unit Marrowkai


  • Although reap can be cast on enemy statues, the enemy statue will not move
  • Spellcasters will finish their spell before moving forward due to reap, so careful timing can negate about 2/3rds of the reaping effect when timed carefully with Magikill spells.