Possess is a stealing ability for the V which does not require researching.


Players can select a unit they want to take control of via a targeting selection within a range and the V then casts a black particle and changes apperence of the V. The possessed unit can go anywhere and is not limited to the range for casting Possess, however the V may not move or cast spells while the unit is possessed. The ability can remove a valuable unit in seconds, making Possess a great asset. Possess can be used to take control of enemy tanks so as to force the opponent to kill off their own tanks or for taking control of spellcasters to deny the opponenet use of them / use them back on the opponenet. However, Ninjas and Marrowkai make it very hard for the V to remain still so often an Elemental player may lose control of the spellcaster again because the V is forced to leave possess mode. Cooldowns carry over onto whoever is in control of the spellcaster.


Cost 0 Gold 0 Mana
Research time N/A
Unit V


  • Possess does not work on miners because it can crash the game when a possessed miner would create a wall or turret.
  • Possessing a wall can crash the game.
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