Poison Spray

Poisonous Magikill.png
A Magikill about to thrust a mist of Poison over the battlefield.

Another great ability of the Magikill unit is Poison Spray, a technique that can destroy a huge army slowly. This can be a devastating ability as it is a death sentence on Archidons unless the opposition has several Merics and the cure ability researched.


Magikill are often targeted at the beginning of a deadly battle because of their ability to take control of the flow of the fight in a matter of seconds due to their AoE damage. When they use Poison Spray, Magikill raise their staff and spray a toxic green mist over all the enemy units in the vicinity, travelling from the Magikill to the targeted area on the ground (and infecting units it hits on the way). It inflicts them with Poison, which slowly diminishes their health bit by bit and on Order and Elementals units will not be removed automatically. Chaos units have auto heal and cure.

If they are not cured by either a Meric via cure, Passive Heal for chaos units, Water units suiciding to cure the poison, or the Castle via garrisoning (not often reachable in time for weak units like Archidons) they will die from just the poison DoT eventually. When healing units are not in the area, the poisoned units are usually forced to retreat back to the castle, because even if they win the battle, they will die afterwards as well. And unfortunately, most units can't make it back to the castle before they fall over, dead. This makes a single Magikill a very effective deterrent against enemy advances, as wiping out the entire enemy archer line can win a game, so the opponent is forced to buy sufficient Merics to protect the Archidons.

While it may seem that poison spray is wasted on chaos units as it is not the 'death sentence' it is on Order and Elemental units, this is misplaced. The damage poison deals still applies significant damage against chaos units and can usually be reapplied to finish them off. Wings will die from a second poison spray if they are not allowed to heal back and Deads cure themselves very slowly so the poison DoT still deals significant damage on application.



100 Gold 100 Mana

Research time 30 Seconds
Unit Magikill
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