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Poison Guts Icon

Poison Guts is a researchable ability for the Dead unit. It can be accessed in the Chaos Crypt. It is the only ability for Deads.


Poison Guts being flung by both sides.

Deads, the slow-walking ranged units of the Chaos Empire, rip out their own innards and chuck them at enemies. Poison Guts, the only ability available to Deads, greatly enhances the damage they can give to the opposing army, as each handful of guts is now poisoned. When they splatter over enemy units, they are covered in Poison, which slowly depletes their health until they die, are garrisoned (or are Cured). This usually forces the opponent to retreat back to the Castle unless they have Merics, Water, or Passive Heal on the battlefield, as they will surely die, even if they win the battle. In the early game you can 'snipe' archers by targeting them at the edges of the furthest point on the map (where units appear smallest) and land a poison debuff on an enemy archer, forcing it to retreat or just die.

Poison Guts can be toggled on and off, because the high price of each chunk of guts (10 Mana) could dig a hole into the player's Mana economy. However, the dps of Deads is not at all cost effective without the poison debuff poison guts provides.


Cost 300 Gold 0 Mana
Research time 40 Seconds
Unit Dead