A unit can be inflicted with Poison through various attacks. Poison wears down the health of units slowly every few seconds. Only Chaos units are able to cure poison passively.


Poison damage varies with which unit casted the poison. It does a fixed amount of damage every few seconds. Armour, such as the armour worn by Speartons doesn't give the added protection against regular attacks.

Units that Poison

Below are the five units in the game that can poison, listed in order of Empire.




Curing Poison

All units can be cured of poison by going to garrison, however each empire has a unique way of curing poison in battle.


Merics will cure poison if they have the Cure ability researched and activated.


All Chaos Units will be cured of poison after a short period of time, due to their ability to passively heal themselves. However, it is still possible for a low-health Chaos unit to die from poison before it is automatically cured.


Water units can destroy themselves to cure all nearby units of Poison.


There are many ways that poison can be used to gain an advantage or even a victory. It can be used both offensively or defensively: for instance, players can use poison to buy time for the queue time of another unit, hold a position, keep lower health units away, discouraging pressure, etc.

If the enemy has no method to cure it, posion is more effective the longer they are from the Castle as a lot of DoT can take place as the opposing units garrison. So even if they kill your entire army, they won't have much left of their own.

During OvO matches, on lower health units such as Archidons or Miners, you can still inflict heavy damage when the opponent has Merics with cure if you can target enough enemy units with AoE(Area of Effect) to outdamage the single-target healing and curing that Merics have.

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