Petrify is an assassination spell for Medusa which does not require researching. Petrify.png


Petrified Miner.png
A poor Miner has been Petrified by Medusa cruelly. All units sans Giants and Flying Units have a special statue form of death by Petrify.
Players can select a unit they want to turn into stone via a targeting selection within a range. Medusa casts a vision of her face upon them, killing them where they stand. Giants, Speartons using the Shield Wall ability, and Enslaved Giants are exempt from the instant kill, as are most Tier 2 Elemental units. However, they lose a huge amount of health.

The ability can take out an expensive unit in seconds, making Petrify a great asset to Medusa.

Usually, Petrify is used to prevent the opponent from approaching with Speartons or to remove Magikill and Merics.

When attacking other Medusae with this ability, the targeted Medusa will only lose 2 bars of health instead of dying instantly; it takes 2 Petrify attacks to kill an enemy Medusa with full health.


Cost 0 Gold 0 Mana
Research time N/A
Unit Medusa


  • Only Medusa could hold the power of Petrify, a merciless and default ability of hers. In Stick War 2 - Order Empire, a Giant Medusa uses this spell to kill all of Order's helpless units out in the battlefield, including Giants.
  • By gazing into the eyes of a terrified enemy unit, Medusa can turn the stick figure into a motionless statue just by her hideous face. This takes inspiration from the Greek Myths.
  • Speartons using the Shield Wall ability will not die instantly from Petrify. However, if they are killed afterwards, they still turn to stone as if they died from petrification.
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