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The icon for Passive Income level 3

Passive Income is an upgrade available to both OrderChaos and Elemental . It is available in three different levels . 


Passive Income is an upgrade available in 3 different levels. All levels cost 150 gold and 100 mana. Once researched, Passive Income will provide the player with a small amount of free gold and mana, which arrives once every 5 seconds. This gives the player in question a significant economic boost. The first level of Passive Income give 5 Gold and 5 Mana every 5 seconds, the second level gives ten, and the third gives fifteen. The Ability is great for when you sacrifice all your Miners for more population space but you still need other ways to produce income. The main use of the ability is supplementing your gold income into the later game when gold supply becomes less time efficient, or for making a short term investment to go into a very mana heavy build later.


Level Gold Mana
1 5 3
2 10 5
3 20 7