Medusa, the snake haired Chaos queen.
Medusa Box.png

Medusa acts as a support spell-caster for Chaos, with abilities for long-range elimination of key-units and area denial through means of poison.

"You fools thought Inamorta belonged to you?" - Medusa


Medusa in Stick Empires has an appearance based off the Medusa from Greek Mythology, most notably with the hair made of snakes. She has many customisable capes and headdresses.

In Stick War 2, she serves as the primary antagonist of the latter half of the game, first appearing in the No Man's Land level and serving as the final boss, with substantially greater health and size.


Health 4 Bars, Unarmoured (36HP)

Low (Main Attack)

84 Extremely High (Petrify)

Moderate (Venom Flux)

Speed Low
Cost 500 Gold, 400 Mana
Training Time 30 Seconds
Population 5

Note: The Stick Empires community has no numerical information on Damage or Speed, so these values are merely comparative. 




Medusa casting petrify
Swordwrath is changing into a stone
The main ability of Medusa is Petrify. This ability will instantly do massive damage that ignores armour.

It instantly kills almost every unit, with the notable exceptions of Enslaved Giants, Giants, Charrogs, Treatures, Speartons in shield wall, other Medusas, and units shielded by a Cycloid. While these units do not die they will still lose a large amount of health.

Shadowrath under the effect of Shinobi can avoid being targeted, though once targeted, the effect is instant and the Shadowrath dies.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at
A petrified Crawler.
The enemy Statue can also be targeted to instantly do damage. It takes 4 shots to kill the un-upgraded statue with petrify.

It is known as "Stone Face" in-game.

Venom Flux

Venom flux.png The second ability of Medusa. This ability will spray a pool of poison on the ground where Medusa is standing. Any units that come across this area will be inflicted with poison. Units standing in the pool WILL NOT take additional damage from the poison.

This pool lasts a fairly long time, typically being used to pressure the enemy or force their units to retreat. This can be used either offensively or defensively, being able to destroy low health units and weaken strong units. This ability is best used against a crowd to help with crowd control or used for area control like a tower.

Dead petrified.png
A petrified Dead.


Medusa's main use is instantly killing a potentially dangerous unit with its main ability, Petrify (with the exception of Enslaved Giants, Giants, other Medusas,Speartons in Shield Wall, Charrog, and Treature even then are severely damaged). It can also use Venom Flux as a deterrent to any attack, as it will poison units. Venom Flux is usually used in order to give Medusa more space between enemies. It is also effective at taking on weak ranged units (note that this spell can hit air units). Although units can still get past, it can weaken mass rushes.


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  • The mythological Medusa petrifies any person that looks upon her. Different than in Stick Empires, where Medusa directly stares at her victim to petrify them. 
  • The proper pronunciation for when Medusa casts venom flux is; "Toxaco Massadus!". As for Petrify, she'll instead emit an echoing shriek.
  • As there is only one Medusa in mythology, the unit in Stick Empires should technically be called gorgons.
  • Medusa used to cost 500 mana, until they were buffed by reducing their cost to 400 mana.
  • Medusa is the fastest spell casting unit in the game. (Having little delay to cast and activate)
  • If Medusa kills a Meric equipped with the spellbook cosmetic via Petrify, her spellbook turns back into a staff.
  • In Stick War 2, Medusa can summon Bombers, which sets her apart from other gorgons.
  • You can kill an enemy Medusa with Petrify, but they will only lose half their HP (2/4 bars of HP). This is easily done with two Medusas in quick succession before the targeted Medusa regenerates enough health to survive a second Petrify.
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