Hell Fists Icon

Hell Fists is the linear AoE spell for the Marrowkai, a unit of the Chaos Empire. Called "Undead Fists" once researched.


A Marrowkai can attack multiple units at once with high damage with Hell Fists. Upon activation, the Marrowkai summons straight out of Hell a series of skeletal fists which grab and protrude from the ground and grab enemy units, creating a wave as they reach away from the Marrowkai. Similar to the Magikill's Electric Wall and Infernos's Meteor Shower, the effects of Hell Fists can damage a large number of troops and damage them to the point of too crippled for further combat, especially against archers. It is also very effective against groups of Swordwrath.


Cost 50 Gold 100 Mana
Research time 40 Seconds
Unit Marrowkai
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