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Heal is a default ability for the Meric unit, so it does not have to be researched before using.


The Heal icon in the Meric Building.

A Meric is a healing and support unit, so the ability is really essential to a Meric. When another unit from the faction that is on a Meric's side is injured and loses health, the Meric performs a quick treatment spell, Heal. Every few seconds, a Meric waves her staff towards the damaged unit, and small green plusses appear over their head. The treatment adds health to the depleted bar. This makes Merics one of the most helpful units in the game, as front line troops can be healed from damage without retreating back to the Castle.

Heal can be toggled on and off, so as to allow Merics to actually attack to deal damage. Although this is ill-advised, as Merics have a very low attack in terms of damage, it can be helpful when there are numerous Merics on the battlefield. It also is a good strategy for massing Merics, as you will need certain attackers in the army besides just Healing Merics.

Keep in mind that Merics will attempt to heal the same unit at once if their animation happens in sync, which can waste healing potential on units getting 'healed' more times than their health bar accepts. Move the merics around individually to unsync the meric heal animation to prevent this.


Cost 0 Gold 0 Mana
Research time N/A
Unit Meric