Stick Empires Wiki

A Tower Spawn Enslaved Giant enabled with Giant Growth 1. Notice the amount of health bars

Based off the original Giant health Upgrade in Stick War, Giant Growth 1/2 is an upgrade that is available to two Units, the Giant (Chaos Empire unit) and the Enslaved Giant (Order unit) twice for each, Giant Growth 1 and then again with Giant Growth 2.


Giant Growth 1/2 enables all of the player's Giants (including Enslaved Giants and giants already brought) to increase in size and health. The growth increase is helpful for blocking projectiles due to the increased hit box that comes with it. The main reason to buy the Upgrade is because of the health increase, raising it by about 33%. This adds more power to the backbone of your army, and with several Giants, the upgrade makes ranked units of an army very hard to reach, especially when combined with Merics.


Cost 200 Gold 200 Mana
Research time 40 Seconds
Unit Giant and Enslaved Giant