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The Shadowraths' default ability is Fury (also known by its Stick War II name Fixate). It does not have to be purchased or activated, unlike the Shadowrath's other ability, Shinobi.


Fury isn't acknowledged that much as an actual ability in Stick Empires, which ironically coincides with the Shadowrath unit's secrecy. Even though its effects are barely noticed, they actually contribute to a Shadowrath's power greatly.

The first time a Shadowrath strikes out with his staff, the damage is normal. However, the next hit on the same unit deals more than the previous damage. The third hit inflicts more again, and it continues for five hits, in which the damage remains at the 5th level of attack for as long as the same unit is being targeted. This capability is done by the Fury ability automatically. Thanks to Fury, a Shadowrath can take on a Spearton (or Juggerknight) and win the fight, even though a Shadowrath has less health (four bars against six). This ability is strongest against Giants, where a small number of shadowrath will often win a fight that initially looks as though it will be lost due to the scaling damage.


Cost 0 Gold 0 Mana
Research time N/A
Unit Shadowrath