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Fog of War is a game mechanic that limits battlefield visibility to your furthest unit away from the base.


In the direction away from a player's statue and castle, there is the Fog of War. All things in the Fog of War cannot be seen except for the enemy statue, Gold deposits (and how mined they are), and the Tower (however they can capturing bar and sound can still be heard). You can lift the Fog of War by moving units towards it. Units reveal a portion of the Fog of War in front of them. All Fog of War behind your units is automatically cleared, no matter what, even if you have no units there. An Elemental player can force the Fog of War on their opponent using the Blind Gate. When facing the Blind Gate, a player will not be able to see anything past it until a unit passes through it.


  •  If you are looking at the opponent's side of the map, you can see units that are healing (from garrison) and units that are transforming or combining (Elemental Empire).
  •  Particle effects appear beyond the fog of war - including bloodstains from retreating units. Therefore you can tell how many Archidons die to a poison DoT as they retreat without vision of them.

    Fog of War