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A group of archidons shooting fire arrows.

Fire Arrows are the only ability of the Archidon unit. It can be researched from the Order Archery Range.


Fire arrows.png

When activated, an Archidon will shoot one flaming arrow that deals increased damage and applies a Burn DoT to the enemy. Each arrow costs 5 Mana, so it's not that expensive in low numbers. However, a large group of Archidons firing volleys of arrows can cost a lot of mana or at least reduce mana income to spend on units. The damage inflicted with a group over 10 can kill weak units almost immediately or soften them up so the main attack is easier. Speartons in shield mode are the excpetion and usually take negligible damage from multiple arrows.

If the target is close enough, Archidons will fire the blazing arrow straight forward. However, if they are not in range to shoot forwards, they will shoot into the sky. Seconds later, the arrow (or arrows) will come streaming down on the enemy at the position they were in when the arrows were first shot. The aerial version can be dodged easily by simply moving your army back, although this forces an opponent to surrender some ground and can be used to force opponents off the Centre Tower.


Cost 50 Gold 100 Mana
Research time 40 Seconds
Unit Archidon