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A fire elemental in the Armoury using its ranged attack

A Fire Elemental acts as the ranged "hit-and-run" unit of the Elementals. Its ranged attack can be used almost instantly, allowing for Kiting


Similar to all the other standard Elemental units, Fire Elementals are basic black stick figures with a sphere for a head. Inside the sphere is glowing fire that represents this units' choice of element/weapon.


Health 2 Bars Unarmoured (18HP)
Damage Medium
Speed Low-Medium
Cost 450 Gold
Training Time 16 Seconds
Population 3

Numerical data does not exist yet for the Elementals.


Fire icon in SE

The Fire Elemental is capable of enacting hit and run tactics with its ability to kite, unlike the other ranged Elemental - Air. The Fire Elemental (along with the Albowtross) is also capable of dealing Burn Damage with its attack. 

However, unlike the Air elemental, the fire does not have a good range or a lock-on capability. Ranged units can easily dodge the projectiles the Fire shoots. 

As with the other Elementals, the Fire Elemental can combine with other basic Elementals to form new, advanced units. See below for units that can be created with the Fire Elemental. The fire based combinations are all offensive.


Concept art for the Fire Elemental

Fire + Water = Scorch (0 Mana)

Fire + AirInfernos (100 Mana )

Fire + Earth = Charrog (100 Mana )

All Elementals = V (100 Mana )

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