Empire Coin

Empire Coins are a virtual currency for the online stick figure game, Stick Empires. It looks like a gold coin marked with a lower case "e".

Ecoins as seen from the armoury purchase popup


Empire Coins are used for purchasing new cosmetic items in the Armoury (allowing you to customize the appearance of your units), although the items don't add any protection or attack, just the design (though some look more deadly and awesome, so they are more expensive, of course). Empire Coins can be traded in to buy gear for every faction, Order, Chaos, and Elemental, but the latter two have to be unlocked with Gold Membership first.

How to Earn Them

There is several ways to get Empire Coins, some of the methods requiring real money.

1. -Win a match, either ranked or unranked, Classic, Deathmatch, to get 10 Empire Coins. This is only available once each calendar day.

2. -Return to Stick Empires every day (log in) to get a daily reward, starting with 5 on the first day, 10 on the second day, and so on. It does not go up past 35 on the seventh day, you just keep getting 35. Players with Gold Membership get double the amount of Empire Coins, so they can get 70 a day from just logging in, and gain 10 on each streak instead of 5. This method is a great way to earn coins, especially for members.

3. -Completing the Tutorial (same as Stick War 2's) rewards you with 50 Empire Coins, but this cannot be repeated after a player's first time for obvious reasons.

4. -Gold Membership gives you 1000 Empire Coins for joining and 300 bonus coins per month.

Also, a one time payment of $36.99 (25% off) gives you a one year membership and 4600 Empire Coins. A one time payment of $47.99 (50% off) lets you have two-year membership and 9200 Empire Coins.

5.-You can also just purchase Empire Coins, although they are referred to as Gems instead, a reference to Clash of Clans, possibly.

A Pile of Gems (250) is $1.99, a Sack of Gems for $4.99 gives you 500 with 220 bonus coins, totaling at 720, a Box of Gems, including 3125 Empire Coins and a bonus of 1100, adding up to 4225, is able to be purchased for $24.99, and finally, a Chest of Gems can be bought for $29.99, giving you 3750 regular coins and 2250 bonus Empire Coins, for a grand total of 6000 Empire Coins!

All of these purchase options are available through PayPal with the links provided from the Stick Empires armoury and profile pages.

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