Magikill Electric Wall

A Magikill casting an Electric Wall to defend the Spearton.

An Electric Wall is a spell that can be unlocked for the Magikill unit. It costs 35 Mana each time it is used and takes 13 seconds to cooldown.


A Magikill can take his staff and cast out a spell in front of him that shoots out a vertical wall of lightning. All enemy units in the area get electrocuted and take massive damage over time, with its dps reducing over time as well until the wall disappears. Once they step out of the wall, they are no longer affected by its damage. It is especially deadly to a line of Archidons or a hoard of Swordwrath, as they have low health and will be killed by the wall like flies or damaged to the point of being worthless. It is also often used to 'soften' Speartons or act as a deterrent against targeting from them. In a giant mass vs giant mass battle, a single correctly-placed Electric Wall can easily turn the tables over an opponent.



100 Gold 150 Mana

Research time 40 Seconds
Unit Magikill
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