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An earth in the armoury

Concept art of the Earth Elemental

Earth fulfills a dual role in the Elementals as both an inexpensive and basic melee unit with a very quick build time. It is the cheapest unit by far that can be trained by the Elemental race.       


Like the other base Elementals, the Earth Elemental appears as a black stick figure with its element in a sphere for its head. Three brown rocks are shown to represent earth.


Health 2 Bars Unarmoured (18HP)
Damage Low
Speed Medium
Cost 150 Gold
Training Time 4 Seconds
Population 2

Numerical data does not exist for the Elementals. 



The Chompler Miners.

The sole irreversable ability of the Earth Elemental is to transform itself into a Chompler, which allows for the mining of Gold and mana gathering. Transformation into a miner is free. Chomplers have small heads, tough jaws, sharp claws, and big bodies capable of carrying gold on their backs. Chomplers are still able to attack with their jaws and claws when in this form, like the other miners.


Earth icon in SE.

The Earth Elementals are mainly used for economic purposes and for combining with other Elementals, but this doesn't mean they cannot be used for attacking effectively.

Earth has low attack power, but has a notable stun ability. If timed correctly, one could potentially use two Earths to keep a unit in stun lock - stunning it again right after the first stun wears off. This is a possible (although impractical) alternative to the freeze ability that Water can use to lock units. The main benefit of attempting this is being able to do damage while preventing unit movement.

Because Earths can be converted into Chomplers at any time of choice Earths can be sent to the front line to tank damage for other units like Fires and Airs and then retreated to become low hp Chomplers back at base. This makes instant use of the returning unit, unlike healing up swords and crawlers in garrison and effectively means for 150 gold you brought a 2 bar tank and a weak miner - being very gold effecient. Of course the miner comes at a fairly huge delay so you must do this continually with lots of Earths before the miners come into use. The risk of losing your low hp Chomplers later in the game and the risk of the Earth dying as it retreats are also both huge factors and shut down this strategy as mid game approaches.

All earth combinations seem to be very tanky.


Earth + Fire = Charrog (100 Mana)

Earth + WaterTreature (100 Mana)

Earth + Air = Blind Gate (0 Mana)

All Elementals = V (100 Mana)


  • Transforming an Earth into a Chompler removes DoT effects, allowing an Earth about to die to struggle on if you can prevent the opponent chasing it.