Deathmatch Icon.png Deathmatch, abbreviated to DM, is one of the three game modes that players can choose from the Lobby on Stick Empires. It is right beside the Play Match icon. You can also select Deathmatch from Custom Match and choose who you want to play with on a preferred map.


Deathmatch Opening.png
The start of a Deathmatch. Notice the 6 Miners and the large amount of resources.
The only difference between Deathmatch and Classic Match is the opening of the game. Players start with 6 Miners and 3000 Gold, 1500 Mana in their army. With the economic system already set up for players right at the beginning, this allows for fighting units, upgrades, and battles to happen immediately and with death right at the beginning- hence the name "Deathmatch". Games are normally shorter, but they can still take a while. So pretty much the same (good if you want to experiment different troops!).

Stick War Trivia

  • DM cannot be selected when using the regular method of asking your friends to play a game. All you get is Classic, as you can only click on the two crossed swords. It must instead be selected by creating a custom match.
  • Deathmatch and Classic Match are ranked separately, on your profile and the top global/friend players.
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