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Deads are slow, armoured ranged units from Chaos.

A dead.


Dead Box.png

Deads are hunchbacked, zombified stick figures with chunks of flesh ripped off their stomachs, exposing their guts (which are used as their projectiles). Their heads are also significantly decayed to the point that their brains are showing.


A dead as it appears in the armoury.

Health 3 Bars Armoured (27HP)

Very Low

Medium-Low (Poison Guts)

Speed Slow
Cost 300 Gold, 100 Mana
Training Time 15 Seconds
Population 3

Poison Guts

Poison guts.png

The only ability of a Dead is "Poison Guts". Poison Guts is one of the main selling point of Deads. This passive ability can be researched for 300 gold and takes 40 seconds to research. If Poison Guts is toggled on, any enemies hit by the Dead will be poisoned at the cost of 10 mana. 


Deads can be used in the Jugger-Dead combination. This is similar to Order's Spearcher. The Juggerknights act as protective melee units to protect the Deads, however this is slightly less necessary due to Dead's bulk. The Deads use their Poison Guts to then poison the enemy army giving an edge in damage over time. The ability to deal additional damage to armour is also good. 

Deads have the longest range of any ranged unit, barely out-ranging the Archidon. Due to the fact that poison does not stack, it would be best to have all Deads target a different enemy (preferably low-health units if possible) to spread poison around. This allows for long-range spreading of poison throughout the enemy army to wear them down. This can be countered by using a few units to block poison hitting the rest of an army, thus Deads are second to Magikill for spreading poison.

Deads also have armour penetrating projectiles, meaning that masses of Deads can quickly kill armoured units such as Speartons, Juggerknights, and even Giants. However, since their base damage is fairly weak, they can be vulnerable to units such as Swordwrath with the Rage ability.

Deads' poison wreaks serious havoc on enemy armies.


  • Deads are considered Armoured, despite having no armour and rotting, which should logically lessen their durability. The presence of armour could be because undead creatures can take more damage before dying, as they do not bleed.