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Bombers are the Assasination units of Chaos.

A bomber.


Kamikaze Box.png

Bombers are short stick figures. They are one of the smallest units, along with Crawlers. They hold a single explosive in each hand. The default explosives are dynamite sticks, but can be changed in the Armoury.


A bomber as it appears in the armoury.

Health 1/2 Bar Unarmoured (4.5HP)
Damage High (3/4 of a Bar of Damage)*
Speed High
Cost 75 Gold
Training Time 8 seconds
Population 1

Note: The Stick Empires community has no numerical information on Damage or Speed for Chaos Units, so these values are merely comparative. 

*This assumes maximum damage as multiple bombers detonating on the same target before the previous burn effect runs out will reset the burn damage and thus deal less total damage. 


Detonate Explosive

Manual Detonation of the Bomber's Explosives for no cost.



Bomber Exploding and destroying the enemy statue

Bombers are often used in conjunction with crawlers in the early game to engage swords and archers.

Bombers provide quick, cheap, and effective area of effect (AoE) damage. Thus, they are mainly used against clusters of enemies.

They are usually covered by Juggerknights or Crawlers to protect them from projectiles. Once they reach their target, they do approximately 3 quarters of a bar of health of splash damage, which is then increase by the additional burn damage that they inflict over time.

They are used commonly early game to force the opponent to fall back or to separate the enemy's force.

Some users mass bombers (usually 3-5) to run past the opponent's army and bombard their economy to gain an advantage.

A mass of Bombers (composing of several dozen bombers) are excellent against masses of Swordwrath, as the bombers can blow them all up and massacre these densely packed Swordwrath. Juggerknights are often used in conjunction to cover the Bombers if deploying against Swordwrath and Archidon combinations.


  • Bombers used to have a 10 second queue time until it was buffed to 8 seconds.
  • Manually exploded bombers have the ability to target air units. This makes it a powerful unit in wing vs wing play.
  • Bombers are faster than Crawlers until the speed upgrade is researched.
  • Tip: When the Ice Hills level first begins, you have a free Swordwrath. 5 Bombers will immediately be spawned at the statue and will run at you. Garrison your units and let your statue tank the damage. You will live because 5 bombers is not enough to get you killed. After the bombers stop attacking, ungarrison all your units immediately.
  • Chaos players used to have to research manual detonation, this is now no longer the case so bombers can pluck aerial units from the sky at the start of a match.
  • Manual detonation previously cost 300 gold but it was later made free to cast.