Blind Gate

The Blind Gate is an ability that is available to the Elementals.

Blind Gate.png
The Blind Gate being combined incorrectly which allows the miners to get through the gate, recovering the blindness.


Blind gate.JPG When created by the fusion of an Earth Elemental and an Air Elemental, the gate will rise from the ground, moving the maximum extension of enemy Fog of War to the barriers created by the gate either until the gate disappears or until passed through by two enemy units. This combination is free, not costing any mana. Once the spell times out, an Earth Elemental is returned.


Health N/A
Damage N/A
Speed N/A

550 Gold 0 Mana

(Earth + Air )

Training Time Instant
Duration 40 seconds

Numerical data does not exist for the Elementals.


The Blind Gate, as its name implies, can blind - or at least obstruct - enemies' view of the battlefield, acting as a maximum limit for enemy Fog of War. Not normally used due to its unreliability and ease of dispersal, being ineffective once bypassed by at least two enemy units, it is still perfect for limiting the opponent's FOV, allowing Elemental players to bring units to the frontlines - be they spellcasters, tanks or just normal units - without enemy suspicion.

The Blind Gate can be used to to lure unsuspecting enemy units, but its usefulness is quite situational that's why its not good for every game. One strategy that one can use is to obstruct the enemies view, luring them in order to be eliminated by Vastolis (Spell of Infernos) or any stun spell that will hopefully kill them on the spot such as a Scorch. However, smart players will notice Blind Gates when they see that the Fog will suspiciously stay static even after moving close to it, and they will therefore either rush through the Blind Gate with a Shadowrath Rush or turtle near their statue in order to force the opponent to come to them.


The previous Blind Gate icon.
  • The Blind Gate does not cost any population, unlike any of the other combinations for Elementals. However, once the spell runs out and an Earth Elemental is regained, the population will once again increase, which in some circumstances can result in exceeding the population limit of 80.
  • Projectiles can still be shot through the Blind Gate.
  • 40 seconds is the duration of the Blind Gate.
  • Even if a Blind Gate was placed, the defense tower will only stop attacking if the unit it is targeting dies, it will also continue if the Fog of War clears up in their vicinity.
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