The Air Elemental acts as the air unit for Elementals. It functions very differently from other units and is underrated whereas the Fire Elemental works almost exactly like the Archidon. Therefore the Fire Elemental is favoured among most players, but this doesn't mean that the Air Elemental is useless.

An Air Elemental in the armoury


Like all the basic Elementals, Air appears as a basic stick figure with its respective element for its head - air and lighning in this case.


Health 2 Bars Unarmoured (18HP)
Damage Medium
Speed Medium
Cost 400 gold
Training Time 20 Seconds
Population 3
Concept art of the Air Elemental

Numerical data does not exist for the Elementals yet.


Air2.png The Air attacks from above, without using a projectile, meaning tanks cannot block the attack. This can be useful to get rid of archers behind Swordwraths/Speartons.

However, because the Air pauses its attack whenever told to change unit it can both be kited and is incapable of kiting itself. This weakness can be avoided by targeting a unit before it comes into range, in order to avoid the long retargeting time.

Even when using this technique, the air's attack is still slow. However, it's very high damage potential makes up for it.

It is very effective in mid-game and early-game if used correctly. The air has a slightly shorter range than Archidons. However, the air is faster than the archer, so it's speed makes up for this as well.

Air's can have a monopoly over the air in early game against order, as Albowtrosses are too expensive to purchase in the early game, so this can be used to force the opponent away as the only units they will be able to aim at Airs with are Archidons, the projectiles of which can be easily blocked by Elemental Empire's tank units.

All Air combinations are spellcasters, except Blind Gate.


  • Air does about the same damage as a Giants, and burn, but they attack about as slow as a Chaos Giant.


Air + Fire = Infernos (100 Mana )

Air + Water = Cycloid (100 Mana )

Air + Earth = Blind Gate (0 Mana )

All Elementals = V (100 Mana )

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